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MILK SHAME 200ml Integrity Intensive Treatment


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what is milk_shake integrity intensive treatment?

milk_shake integrity intensive treatment is a deep intense treatment that contains a specific formula with organic muru muru butter to deeply nourish hair and eliminate frizz. For all hair types. It seals the hair cuticle and provides detangling, softness and shine while preserving hair color integrity. Paraben free.

This intense treatment is specifically formulated to provide the extra nourishment that damaged and dry hair may need in order to bring out the natural beauty of the hair. In the milk_shake integrity range, each formula is dedicated to repairing, reconstructing, and nourishing the hair deeply through high-quality natural ingredients selected for the richness of the active substances within them, combined in highly-efficient blends that support the strength and wellbeing of the hair.

Concentrated and ultra-efficient formulas from nature enriched with organic muru muru butter that give hair nourishment, protection, shine, vitality. The integrity range is enriched with precious active ingredients selected to increase and intensify the nourishing action of organic muru muru butter and the amino acid complex.

At the heart of milk_shake® integrity system is a harmonious union of fruity, floral, woody and sweet aromas: coconut, almond, peach, white flowers, orchid, sandalwood, raisin, bergamot, bitter orange, sweet orange essential oils. Organic muru muru butter is extracted from the muru muru seed, and is rich in fatty acids that have a nourishing, soothing and moisturizing effect on hair and skin. It also contains vitamin A to repair, nourish and strengthen hair.

For shiny and sleek results pair with milk_shake integrity nourishing shampooandconditioner.

what does it do?

It deeply nourishes the hair and eliminates frizz while sealing the hair cuticle, detangling, providing softness and shine and preserving hair color’s integrity. milk_shake® integrity products immediately transform the hair fibre, thanks to the restructuring action of its active ingredients. The muru muru butter is combined with an amino acid complex, a balanced mix of plant based amino acids with restructuring and restorative properties similar to those of keratin. Integrity nourishing is a unique range that restores the hair’s natural components while nourishing and conditioning hair instantly, reducing frizz and leaving hair soft and shiny.

who is it for?

milk_shake® integrity products are ideal for all hair types and are specifically recommended for damaged hair.




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